5  Mission & Vision: Holiday resort and Congress centre De Betteld




The mission of holiday resort and conference centre “de Betteld” is that our visitors feel like members of a temporary community. We want you to experience “de Betteld” as a hospitable home.

We offer you, as our guest, a programme with opportunities for relaxation, for activities, but also for Bible study.

The main purpose of our programmes is to help our guests deepen their faith. This goes  for children, teenagers and adults of all kinds of denominations. In the second place, we want to reach non-religious people and people who struggle with their faith in order to make them enthusiastic for God and let them become devout followers of Jesus Christ.

In organising our programmes we have a number of basic principles:


  1. At “the Betteld” God’s Word is the starting point for everything. However, not everybody interprets the Bible in the same way. We want to dissolve this by studying the Bible together, praying together and discussing it together. In this way we can come closer to God’s will.
  2. We want “de Betteld” to be a bridge to the church. “De Betteld” does not replace the church community, but works together with her, supports her and directs to her.
  3. Building up people means the following for us:
    - finding answers on questions
    - receiving consolation
    - devotion and breaking up with sin
    - restoration from emotional damage
    - healing
    - meeting each other
    - friendship with God and with other people
    - spiritual deepening and growth
    - renewal of spiritual life
    - encouragement
    - liberation
    - understanding God’s voice
    - experiencing and understanding God’s guidance
  4. With our programme “de Betteld” wants to prepare people to live as real disciples of Jesus Christ, thus enabling stable families and healthy growing churches, who are relevant for the community in spiritual, missionary, social, economical and cultural ways. Every person in its own unique place.
  5. “de Betteld” wants to be a movement where God’s Word and praising Him has a central place.
  6. “De Betteld” is an interdenominational place with guests from many churches. In these churches a lot of different traditions and accents occur. We want to try to respect each others sensitivities, and do not seek to follow style and traditions of a specific denomination. We want to follow God’s guidance. Our goal is to find communalities and not differences. We want to experience unity around God’s Word and practice “oecumenism of hands and hearts”. This can be seen in our theme’s and preachers, but there will be no compromise in the contents of our programmes.
  7. God’s will and sovereignty goes above human preferences. It is our profound desire that God reveals Himself and makes Himself known to people. We do not want mediocrity, but stretch out to what God wants to do in and through us. We long to be in the centre of His will, despite our human weaknesses. Looking at places of revival in the past, things happened that were new for that time. God is supernatural and greater than our traditions and human preferences. We do not want to hinder Him by our imperfections.
  8. We want to accept the challenge to live and work together with a supernatural, almighty God and give Him full control. Everything needs to be in balance and the Bible gives us the responsibility and guidelines to check everything that comes at our path.


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